Recording User Studies Made Easy

A free all in one tool for documenting live events. Make notes, draw sketches, take photos, record audio, mark locations and time events.



At the core of this app is the capacity to record detailed notes about user behaviour as it is observed. Every time you add to a note (e.g. take a picture or draw a sketch) a time stamp is logged so you easily compare event times.

Notes are organised into studies so you can use the app to run different user studies and not confuse the notes from one to another. Studies can also be used to customised options such as the available flags when making notes.


No Account

Ethical and secure user data storage is paramount. To ensure you know exactly who has access and were your data is stored we do not offer any cloud syncing features or user accounts. All data is stored locally and can be transferred via secure email server or printed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yep and it always will be. We may later add some external service which we will charge for, but this app is and always will be free to use.

Why this app?

As a PhD student I really needed an app to record all the information I wanted to collect when running user studies. I couldn't find anything suitable so I wrote one.

I wish you app did...

If the app does do something you want then let us know, we may just add it. Alternatively if you want to hire us to write an app for you, then we are always willing to have a chat.

Why is there no cloud sync option?

As I am sure you are aware the privacy of user data in research is a serious issue. The location and security of cloud servers can have legal implications which you may not be aware of. To prevent accidental breaches we do not support automated cloud syncing.

Can I export my data?

Data can be shared via email (recommended through secure email servers e.g. University hosted accounts), printed or transfered to a desktop app (coming soon).

Are any of the features restricted of in-app purchases?

No. Everything is free to use.


This app is under active development, you can download the BETA version now. Please report and issues to

Available for Android and iOS platforms. No sign-up, not subscriptions, in-app purchases or restricted features.